Running barf on MacOS


The barf project was built on Linux and was catered towards Linux users. The core of the project will remain focused on Linux/GNU tools, but that doesn't mean MacOS needs to be left out in the cold.

There are some very minor changes you'll need to make in the main barf script if you plan to run it on MacOS.

Download Packages

This walkthrough assumes that you already have homebrew installed on your machine.

You will need to install the GNU versions of both date and sed in order to avoid breaking things when barf tries to build.

brew install coreutils
brew install gnu-sed

The Script Tweaks

Now open the main barf file in your project and replace all instances of sed with gsed.

Then change the following variable:

published_date=$(date -d $basic_date +%FT%TZ)

to this:

published_date=$(gdate -d $basic_date +%FT%TZ)

After that everything should work perfectly fine. There is probably a cleaner way to do this, but I like to keep things simple.